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On the way down...

Musings of a snooty aristocrat

Chou Stacey
25 May 1988
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Hmmm.... I like to tear out people's ribcages and wear them as hats.


I watch way too much Buffy.

Marriage is love.

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Tom Felton is sex on legs love.

Tales of Symphonia is Love

Zelos Wilder is Love Lust

genis Colorbar

Genis is smartass half-elf love

Mithos Colorbar
Mithos is crazy-twisted-halfelf-misunderstood-4000yearold-lonely love.

Wahoo for OMG Symphonia RP.

Kratos and Yuan are subtexty sedated wrestling love.

Colorbar by foenixgirl

Pic credit for friends page layout for ruaki. Brushes from Miss M's, whose link is on my main page.